24 Elul 5776
Adar-II 295776
Trump May Not Be Kosher for Passover

In recent years, “Trump Vodka” has become a popular choice of vodka for use during Passover in Israel. The Jerusalem Post, however, has discovered “that some bottles of Trump Vodka currently on the shelves are not kosher for Pesach, despite being labeled as such.” While most vodkas are produced from wheat and are therefore chametz forbidden on Passover, a German

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 Posted on ‍‍29 Adar-II 5776 - (08 Apr 2016) at 11:31
Shevat 295775

15-01-02/quinoa-drawing.jpg Quinoa is becoming increasingly popular as a non-kitniyot food among Ashkenazi Jews who are tired of eating potatoes during the entire week of Passover. Several reliable kashrut agencies certify quinoa as Kosher for Passover, but many contemporary halachic authorities do not sanction this trend. What are the issues?

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 Posted on ‍‍29 Shevat 5775 - (18 Feb 2015) at 23:23
Shevat 25775

15-01-02/glat-taref.jpg Workers at the ‘Concepcion’ slaughterhouse in Paraguay were allegedly caught red-handed packaging non-kosher meat originally intended for the Russian market and stamping it “Chalak” (Glatt Kosher) for shipment to Israel. The incident was recorded on video during a surprise visit at the plant by two of the kashrut supervisors.
The importers responsible for the shipment reject the allegations claiming it is a fabrication.

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 Posted on ‍‍2 Shevat 5775 - (22 Jan 2015) at 20:58
Kislev 175775

14-12/tropicana-orange-juice.jpg Rabbi Yair Hoffman, a halachic consultant and columnist for the “5 Towns Jewish Times”, found insects and insect parts in Tropicana orange juice which is certified kosher by the OK. Is the orange juice still kosher? Read the statement issued by the OK.

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 Posted on ‍‍17 Kislev 5775 - (09 Dec 2014) at 23:22
Tishrei 55775

14-09/rimonim-200.jpg While most contemporary authorities accept the idea of an otzar beit din as a partial solution to shmita, some objections have been raised. What are the controversial issues? What are the advantages of otzar beit din over other shmita solutions such as heter mechira and imports? What are its disadvantages? Is otzar beit din considered mehadrin? Read on…

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 Posted on ‍‍5 Tishrei 5775 - (29 Sep 2014) at 14:24
Av 105774

14-07/heter-mechira-label.jpg Heter mechira is a halachic mechanism whereby agricultural lands in Israel are sold to non-Jews, allowing the lands to be cultivated and vegetables grown during the shmita year. It was first formulated by a group of renowned rabbis in the year 5649 (1888-1889) due to the difficult circumstances then facing the Jewish farmers. Since then, it was the subject of recurring controversies and heated debates within the Jewish communities of Israel.
This article presents a summary of the main points of contention…

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 Posted on ‍‍10 Av 5774 - (06 Aug 2014) at 14:20